Monday, May 11, 2009

Need Apple iPhone Accessories?

Last year I bought an iPhone. I love new technology gadgets and rush out to get them if they are within my budget. The iPhone was not really in my budget but if I went without food for a few weeks and walked instead of driving it was doable.

I loved the iPhone. It came with just about everything one would need to have a successful experience with the product. However it was missing a few iPhone accessories. It need a screen protector and it didn't come with a case. I could have gone to the Apple store but then I'd have to go to the Mall of America and that is one place I would prefer to avoid if I can help it. If you are in need of Apple iPhone accessories one of the best places to buy iPhone accessories is a little known online store called Mobile Fun UK. It even sounds fun.

One of the biggest problems I have had with the newer phones, the ones with larger screens, is that my earrings scratch the screen. I hate that. It's like getting a new ding on your car except you caused it to happen. My options were few. I could stop wearing earrings or I could stop making calls on my cell phone. Neither were desirable options so I started looking for a case for my iPhone.

I quickly learned that the cases that were sold where they had iPhone accessories were not the greatest. They rarely covered the screen. The open face design of the Apple iPhone accessories were not what I needed. I needed something that protected the screen from my diamond earrings. What I ended up using was a product designed for the iPod. A clear piece of plastic that sticks onto the face of the iPhone with static electricity. I could let my iPhone get scratched all I wanted and then could simply change the cover. It was perfect.

I had issues with the iPhone aside from the cover. I loved the music I could play, I loved that I could surf the internet with my phone, I loved all the apps and games and that I could check the temperature in cities all around the world. What I did not like about the iPhone was that it was not a great phone. The service was fine but in order to make a call I had to go through at least four steps. The same to answer a call. This made driving challenging. Eventually I got rid of my iPhone and all my Apple iPhone accessories. I bundled them up and sold it on eBay for a nice chunk of change. I went back to my old flip phone until I could decide on the phone that was right for me. I did purchase an iPod touch which is the same thing as the iPhone without the ability to make a phone call. Since I don't hold it to my ear I don't need to worry about scratching the screen but if I were to start doing that I would be sure to find some iPhone accessories and I would be happy to buy them online from a fun place like Mobile Fun UK. I might not want to have things shipped from as far away as the UK but if I lived there I'm sure it would be a great transaction.


kasandria said...

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GDad said...

You didn't go for one of those blinking Bluetooth earphones that make you look like Lobot's niece?

kasandria said...

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C K said...

I've never thought about earrings scratching iPhone screens. The developers must be all guys, which isn't surprising. Anyway, the whole point of having an iPhone can be attributed to its (relatively) large touchscreen... don't think there would be much of a point to get a case for that, is there?

Did you try some of those thin film screen protector? They aren't cheap but may just do the job.


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