Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campbell's Soup and KFC

If you have been following the tooth saga, you know that the daughter is insisting that all her food either be cut up or she must eat soup. Since no one else wants to eat soup right now I picked up a few cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup To Go. They are one serving worth, they can be heated up in the microwave in the can and can be sipped with the little lid that comes with it. All in all very convenient, though it costs about ten times as much as a serving of soup that has to have water added to it and cooked on the stove. But there are no extra pots to clean up so worth it in my book.

Even though each can is one serving the child doesn't finish it. Argh. As I was cleaning up the leftover soup (pouring it down the drain) I noticed what looked like macaroni in the bottom of the can. At first I figured the child had put a few pieces of pasta into her soup since the opening on the lid is the perfect size to put such things in. Then it occurred to me that I had not made any mac and cheese in weeks since it is not soft enough to eat with a loose tooth (really, this is the world I live in, all of my own creation I realize). I was perplexed by the macaroni in the bottom of the can and decided to take a closer look. It is some kind of starch I am sure but I am not sure it is pasta. Whatever, I called the Campbell's Soup Company to let them know.

I called the number on the can and spoke with a woman who spoke English as a first language, a big gold star in my book, she took all the information on the can and said she would send me something to compensate me for my lost can of soup. I hadn't really lost the can, the contents were eaten (no one got sick). Luckily for the Campbell's Soup Company the daughter didn't notice the "macaroni" in the bottom of the can. Had that happened there would have been drama, a lot of drama and that would have required me to make a huge stink with the Campbell's Soup Company. Not only would there have been drama but the daughter would never again eat Campbell's soup and I would then be back to cutting PB&Js twice a day until the damn tooth falls out. The Campbell's Soup Company dodged a bullet.

While on the subject of food I want to tell you about the new grilled chicken from KFC. I didn't feel like cooking last night so an executive decision was made to go to KFC. I had heard about the new grilled chicken and thought we'd give it a try. I even printed off a coupon from their website (the coupon price was more than the price at the store so go figure). Since I have decided that diet season is in full swing, due to this picture, grilled chicken seemed like the way to go.

The chicken itself wasn't bad. It wasn't all dried out like I make it on the grill. For some reason I thought the chicken would be boneless and skinless, my mistake. The chicken was tasty but it smelled like...the grill. The smell the grill makes after not using it all winter. An icky kind of smell. Not the least bit appetizing unless it comes from an outdoor BBQ where it belongs. Not inside my house and not inside my new car. Daughter wanted mac and cheese and mashed potatoes as the sides so I ordered those. I know what you are thinking but they got the order wrong and gave me cole slaw instead of the mac and cheese. I'm not sure I like KFC grilled chicken. If they could take the smell away it would be fine and I suspect they can since my guess is they don't actually grill it but pour on a smoke flavor and paint some grill marks on the meat.

Have you tried KFC grilled chicken? Did you like it?


SLColman said...

I have not tried the chicken... Sorry!

I did get sick from Campbell's Tomato Soup though - I forgot to read the label and sure enough wheat.... Who knew??

SLColman said...

Oh and I got you on the blogroll now over at the new From Huskies to Husbands at since that is where I am blogging full time instead of

Jen said...

I'm so glad you are no longer part of the Today crowd! I'll update my blogroll and reader. The chicken sucks and the dog just got hold of some bones. Damn, off to the doggie ER.

Shawn said...

I was looking forward to trying it. Now...I'm not so sure. Smell can really ruin a food.

StillThinking said...

I suspect the same thing about the smoke flavor and painted on grill marks. It looks that way from the TV commercials. Ewww.

Does it seem crazy to you that companies go to these lengths? Wouldn't it be easier to just actually grill the chicken to order? You know some awful little accountant somewhere is punching stats into his little computer and figured out that KFC would make more money from artificial smoke and painted on grill lines rather than actually installing grills.

Your daughter cracks me up. My mom didn't tolerate any of that nonsense from me when I was a kid. I had to eat what I was given. Period. You're a good, patient, tolerant mom.

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impNERD said...

The mac in the tomato soup.... gross. I don't think I would ever eat tomato soup again if that happened to me. I'm not much of a fan of Campbell's in the first place though... but still, this would definitely push it over the edge.

As for KFC, uff. Restaurants get orders wrong WAY too often, even the moderate to expensive places. It is insane. Sorry, but if I'm paying $20 for my meal I want my order to be correct.

donna said...