Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meep has been Banned


Apparently kids at Danvers High School can no longer utter the "meep". Their principal has banned the word made famous by Beaker from The Muppets because the kids were going to repeat the word over and over again to disrupt class.

The principal learned of the plan from Facebook. If students use the word "meep" during school they could face suspension. The principal even sent an automated phone message to all parents of Danvers High School to let them know that this tomfoolery was planned on being carried out.

(From Wikipedia)

Seems to me if these kids were up enough on technology, they could have easily come up with a different word to use and thus avoid possible suspension.

I can't recall the last time I said the word "meep" but I am going to try to incorporate it into my everyday conversations, especially when I want to stop having those conversations. If a solicitor calls I am going to repeat "meep" until they hang up in frustration or reply to me using the word "meep". If I am shopping at Target any my daughter wants something and doesn't take "No" for an answer I am going to repeat the word "meep" until she nearly dies of embarrassment.

I am so thankful to these kids at Danvers High for introducing this word back into the English language.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

House Cleaning Blog Style

Less than 48 hours to go! Is anyone else as excited as I am to have the new school year start?

I will soon be able to blog on a much more regular basis. In anticipation of that I wanted to post a few reminders.

If you aren't already following me on Twitter please do. I follow back everyone who follows me. You can also follow me on Facebook too. I think it's the right link. I was just going to type that I don't understand how people can spend so much time on Facebook but when I went to get the URL I lost 20 minutes. Hmmm....

This here blog is now available on Kindle. Of course if you found me here I don't know why you would want me on the Kindle too but then I don't have one so I have no idea how the whole thing works. If you have a Kindle and you subscribe to blogs please leave a note in the comment section and let me know how you like it. I'd love to get one but I don't commute on a bus or train, I don't actually commute at all, I can open a book easier than a Kindle as well. The price tag alone keeps me from purchasing one but they do look cool. I'd love to be able to download a book in the middle of the night.

That's about it for now. Starting Tuesday you can look for more regular posts on this blog as well as the others.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is too short

I haven't posted here or at my other blogs in a long time. I've been going through some stuff which you can read about here if you are interested. I'm back.

One of the things I have learned is that life is short.

Too short to wear an uncomfortable bra. I don't care how pretty it is if it hurts to wear it it isn't worth it.

Sorry Victoria.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Need Apple iPhone Accessories?

Last year I bought an iPhone. I love new technology gadgets and rush out to get them if they are within my budget. The iPhone was not really in my budget but if I went without food for a few weeks and walked instead of driving it was doable.

I loved the iPhone. It came with just about everything one would need to have a successful experience with the product. However it was missing a few iPhone accessories. It need a screen protector and it didn't come with a case. I could have gone to the Apple store but then I'd have to go to the Mall of America and that is one place I would prefer to avoid if I can help it. If you are in need of Apple iPhone accessories one of the best places to buy iPhone accessories is a little known online store called Mobile Fun UK. It even sounds fun.

One of the biggest problems I have had with the newer phones, the ones with larger screens, is that my earrings scratch the screen. I hate that. It's like getting a new ding on your car except you caused it to happen. My options were few. I could stop wearing earrings or I could stop making calls on my cell phone. Neither were desirable options so I started looking for a case for my iPhone.

I quickly learned that the cases that were sold where they had iPhone accessories were not the greatest. They rarely covered the screen. The open face design of the Apple iPhone accessories were not what I needed. I needed something that protected the screen from my diamond earrings. What I ended up using was a product designed for the iPod. A clear piece of plastic that sticks onto the face of the iPhone with static electricity. I could let my iPhone get scratched all I wanted and then could simply change the cover. It was perfect.

I had issues with the iPhone aside from the cover. I loved the music I could play, I loved that I could surf the internet with my phone, I loved all the apps and games and that I could check the temperature in cities all around the world. What I did not like about the iPhone was that it was not a great phone. The service was fine but in order to make a call I had to go through at least four steps. The same to answer a call. This made driving challenging. Eventually I got rid of my iPhone and all my Apple iPhone accessories. I bundled them up and sold it on eBay for a nice chunk of change. I went back to my old flip phone until I could decide on the phone that was right for me. I did purchase an iPod touch which is the same thing as the iPhone without the ability to make a phone call. Since I don't hold it to my ear I don't need to worry about scratching the screen but if I were to start doing that I would be sure to find some iPhone accessories and I would be happy to buy them online from a fun place like Mobile Fun UK. I might not want to have things shipped from as far away as the UK but if I lived there I'm sure it would be a great transaction.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Swine Flu and Piglet Too

(click to make bigger)

Ex #2 sent this to me last night. I usually cringe when I see he has sent me an email since the contents usually just piss me off. For some strange reason he sent me something really funny this time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Does "Clean The Cat Pan" Mean?

I'll tell you what it doesn't mean. It does not mean empty the contents of the litter box into a garbage bag and then put the untied garbage bag filled with cat shit into the waste basket in the laundry room.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Campbell's Soup and KFC

If you have been following the tooth saga, you know that the daughter is insisting that all her food either be cut up or she must eat soup. Since no one else wants to eat soup right now I picked up a few cans of Campbell's Tomato Soup To Go. They are one serving worth, they can be heated up in the microwave in the can and can be sipped with the little lid that comes with it. All in all very convenient, though it costs about ten times as much as a serving of soup that has to have water added to it and cooked on the stove. But there are no extra pots to clean up so worth it in my book.

Even though each can is one serving the child doesn't finish it. Argh. As I was cleaning up the leftover soup (pouring it down the drain) I noticed what looked like macaroni in the bottom of the can. At first I figured the child had put a few pieces of pasta into her soup since the opening on the lid is the perfect size to put such things in. Then it occurred to me that I had not made any mac and cheese in weeks since it is not soft enough to eat with a loose tooth (really, this is the world I live in, all of my own creation I realize). I was perplexed by the macaroni in the bottom of the can and decided to take a closer look. It is some kind of starch I am sure but I am not sure it is pasta. Whatever, I called the Campbell's Soup Company to let them know.

I called the number on the can and spoke with a woman who spoke English as a first language, a big gold star in my book, she took all the information on the can and said she would send me something to compensate me for my lost can of soup. I hadn't really lost the can, the contents were eaten (no one got sick). Luckily for the Campbell's Soup Company the daughter didn't notice the "macaroni" in the bottom of the can. Had that happened there would have been drama, a lot of drama and that would have required me to make a huge stink with the Campbell's Soup Company. Not only would there have been drama but the daughter would never again eat Campbell's soup and I would then be back to cutting PB&Js twice a day until the damn tooth falls out. The Campbell's Soup Company dodged a bullet.

While on the subject of food I want to tell you about the new grilled chicken from KFC. I didn't feel like cooking last night so an executive decision was made to go to KFC. I had heard about the new grilled chicken and thought we'd give it a try. I even printed off a coupon from their website (the coupon price was more than the price at the store so go figure). Since I have decided that diet season is in full swing, due to this picture, grilled chicken seemed like the way to go.

The chicken itself wasn't bad. It wasn't all dried out like I make it on the grill. For some reason I thought the chicken would be boneless and skinless, my mistake. The chicken was tasty but it smelled like...the grill. The smell the grill makes after not using it all winter. An icky kind of smell. Not the least bit appetizing unless it comes from an outdoor BBQ where it belongs. Not inside my house and not inside my new car. Daughter wanted mac and cheese and mashed potatoes as the sides so I ordered those. I know what you are thinking but they got the order wrong and gave me cole slaw instead of the mac and cheese. I'm not sure I like KFC grilled chicken. If they could take the smell away it would be fine and I suspect they can since my guess is they don't actually grill it but pour on a smoke flavor and paint some grill marks on the meat.

Have you tried KFC grilled chicken? Did you like it?